Yoga is a great way to help keep you feeling strong, flexible & balanced throughout pregnancy and while caring for your newborn. Yoga can help improve your core strength, pelvic floor strength and reduce your risk of back pain, pelvic pain and urinary stress incontinence.

Private sessions & group classes are offered with our partners at PhysioPlus Health Group and are led by Certified Yoga Instructor with specialized training in prenatal & postnatal care.

Prenatal Yoga

This 8-week pre-registered series focusses on breathing exercises,  postural alignment,  connection to the core & pelvic floor, increasing strength & support, meditation & relaxation, and birth position prep.

Mom & Baby Yoga

This 8-week pre-registered series is designed specifically to support you as you welcome the newest addition to your family! 

To register for classes please contact PhysioPlus Health Group at: 416.760.8280, email or register online

*Fees may be covered by your health insurance – ask PhysioPlus Health Group if you qualify.

*It is always wise to check with your health care provider before starting any new exercise program.