Wellness Services

Fifty-Seven works with a team of incredible health care practitioners in the city to offer you amazing referrals for massage therapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture & dietary services for your whole family. Contact us at info@fifty-seven.ca or 416.972.9367 for more information. 

Chiropractic & the Webster Technique

Is your baby breech? Let us connect you with a chiropractor trained in the Webster Technique – a gentle and safe way of opening the pelvis and removing misalignment in the lower spine to encourage your baby go into the correct position naturally. Chiropractic services are covered by most health insurance plans. 

Osteopathy for Babies & Children

Birth-induced stress, especially as the result of a difficult birth with forceps or vacuum extraction can contribute to problems for baby. These types of stresses can cause colic, reflux, gas, feeding difficulties, recurrent ear infections, sleep disturbances, asymmetrical movement (favoring one side), delayed crawling or walking, or alignment problems as they begin to walk. For preschoolers, they can show up as alignment or postural concerns.

Osteopathy gently aligns the bones of the skull and other tissues of the body to their optimum position. When this essential framework is in place, many problems resolve. Most children benefit from occasional treatment throughout childhood to pick up any developing problems early and minimize their long-term effects. Osteopathy services are covered by most health insurance plans. 

Registered Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy & Acupuncture (for adults)

Many of the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, birth & caring for your newborn can be alleviated with a little gentle treatment. Don't live in pain any longer!

Nutritional Consulting for Parents and Children

Get your baby off to a healthy start with one-on-one nutritional consulting. Learn about prenatal vitamin and mineral supplementation, foods to avoid, appropriate gestational weight, and healthy eating for pregnancy. After baby arrives learn about breastfeeding nutrition, increasing breast milk supply and healthy eating advice. 

Pilates & Yoga

Improve core strength, pelvic floor strength and reduce your risk of back pain, pelvic pain and urinary stress incontinence. Private sessions and group classes are led by certified instructors with specialized knowledge in prenatal & postnatal care. Fees may be covered by your health insurance – ask if you qualify. More

Naturopathic Medicine

A Naturopathic Doctor can help you and your child stay healthy from pregnancy through childhood. Learn about prenatal supplementation and natural management of nausea, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and hypothyroidism. Once baby arrives, learn how Naturopathic medicine can help you deal with colic, reflux, eczema, food sensitivities, allergies and constipation, and support the immune system to help fight colds and infections.

Compression Stockings

Do you have sore, swollen legs and feet? Are you worried about varicose veins, spider veins or blood clots? Compression socks, leggings or pantyhose support your veins and help pump blood back up to your heart to reduce swelling, alleviate pain and decrease the risk to your health. Costs are covered by most health insurance plans.

Orthotics, Braces & Supports

Custom made orthotics (shoe inserts), braces and supports can help improve foot alignment, fatigue and pain and help with tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, pelvic pain and back pain. Costs are covered by most health insurance plans.